Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The New Backwoodsman Magazine Is Here!!!!

The new issue of The Backwoodsman magazine is here!!  I have been a subscriber for I don't know how many years now and is my standing birthday gift every year from my wife.  It is a wonderful magazine.  The July/August issue highlights are: A method for small scale charcoal production, Coal to flame.....the lost firemaking skill, Your backpack is a survival kit, Making animal claw pendants, Wool for the backwoodsman, and A true woodsman's knife from Lucas Forge.  If you have never seen The Backwoodsman magazine, try to find a copy as soon as you can.  Each issue has do-it yourself projects, woodslore, homesteading, and many other interesting things.  All of the articles in the magazine are submitted by readers.  It gives the feeling of a blog itself.  I have never found a magazine where the letters from readers are almost as interesting as the articles themselves.  The editor and creator, Charlie Richie, has created quite a magazine.  They are now in their 33rd year of publication.  Charlie seems to be a real down to earth guy and I enjoy reading his editorials and views/opinions.  Again, if you have never seen The Backwoodsman magazine, treat yourself to one of the best magazines in the world.  I have found them at Walmart, Books-a-million, Barnes & Noble, and Bass Pro Shop.  The website is www.backwoodsmanmag.com.  Maybe it can be your new standing birthday gift!

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